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According to Career Partners International, 40% of 400 U.S. and Canadian business leaders interviewed chose coaching as their preferred method for leadership development. Research is accumulating that shows a return‑on‑investment (ROI) of five to eight times the cost of coaching, or 500%‑800%.  - Steve Chandler

Professional athletes, muscians, singers, business people, and many others all utilize the services of a coach to help them hone thier skills and to achive a higher level of performance. You can, too.

A person can recognize that coaching is now seen as the best thing a leader can do to improve professional development. Those of us who have been coached already know the impact of coaching. Our lives have been changed profoundly. We also know that anyone who chooses to be great at what they do (including living a good life) will benefit by choosing a coach.

Any actor needing to learn a character for a film shoot will have a personal dialect coach (see The King’s Speech for the value of coaching). Any athlete wanting to go to the next level has at least one coach to get him or her there. All the singers entering the semi‑finals of American Idol and The Voice have coaches. All of them— which is 100%, not 40%.

Some ways coaching may help you: giving guidance, performance motivation, providing feedback, empowerment, increased productivity, improved morale, achieving goals, personal growth, and many others.  Coaching can help you set goals, develop an action plan, and maintain focus on the projects and things important to you.

By the time you notice how far you've come, you'll be really excited about the changes you have made. Can you imagine being able to overcome your long-term obstacles? Maybe you haven't thought of all the ways you can start enjoying your best life ever.  How would it feel if you could fully master life's challenges?  Why wait?